Friday, October 22, 2010

7 Months Old!

On October 10th, Zachary turned 7 months old!
(I know....that was over a week ago! I've had a busy past few weeks at work!)

He is an amazing little guy!
Here's what he's been up to this month:

-He is crawling EVERYWHERE and pulling himself up to stand as often as possible! He has great balance so most people predict he will be walking before Christmas! Watch out world!
-He is so observant of the world around him that almost daily a stranger stops to tell me that they can't believe how he is checking everything out!
-He loves people and adores kids and animals. (I'm pretty sure he thinks the horses at his daycare are giant dogs!!)
-He smiles at everyone he meets. His new smile is a squinty-eyed, squishy-nose one! It's super cute!
-He "talks" a lot! He "cheered" with the cheerleaders at the football game that Joey coached and he "sang" with the choir when we took him to church! Basically, he screams and lets everyone he is present!
-He still love to eat and try new foods! He is now using his chubby little fingers to feed himself puffs and yogurt melts!

Joey and I adore him!
Happy October!!

His chubby hand!

He loved that pumpkin!

Hanging out with Mommy!

He loved to stand!
(Yep....that IS a bruise on his cheek!)

His goofy new smile!

Showing off his new skill..... feeding himself!

Check out those little pinchers!

He loves feeding himself!

7 months old!

These pictures are getting tougher to take every month!
(This month he discovered the sticker and tried to eat it.....notice how wrinkled it is!)

Friday, October 8, 2010

My Angel Baby!

On Sunday, September 27th, we attended our last Angels game of the season. That day, I thought about how just 6 months earlier we were taking Zachary to his very first game!!

It was a tough season for our team, but we had a lot of fun taking Zachary to the stadium this year! Next season he'll be walking! Yikes!

Zachary's First Game
April 2010

September 2010
Sorry for the quality, and Zachary's odd expression!!
We forgot our camera and it was from a camera phone!