Monday, July 9, 2012

Angels games with Zachary...

Taking an EXTREMELY active 2 year old to the Angels games has been tough!

Here's how we get Zachary to sit still for a few minutes........


We started with a healthy snack.


 But those only lasted so long......

before we had to break out the ice cream!
(Notice how happy he is!)

He's been very excited to wear his Angels hat since he sees Joey wear one quite often!
I had to include these two pictures because they are just too cute!

This is the face of a life long Angels fan!

Although it can be a challenge sometimes to bring him to the game, and actually watch the game, we wouldn't have it any other way!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ian: Month Two (June 2012)

We've had a busy 2nd month as a family of four!  Mostly, we keep busy trying to keep Zachary busy!  (Disneyland, Bounce Houses, Angels games, the park, etc.)  Ian is so great and just comes along for the ride!  He doesn't make much of a fuss and is content to just hang out and let his big brother get some of his energy out!

Ian has started sleeping through the night!  He sleeps from about 10pm-5am with no night feeding!  It's been great getting long stretches of sleep!

I broke out the farm animal play mat and let Ian check it out for a bit.
Of course Zachary had to get involved so I took their picture together!

It reminded me of a picture I had taken in the past......

 Zachary and Ian - 2012

 Samuel and Zachary - 2010

People tell us all the time that Sam and Zachary look like brothers!
Now I think Sam, Zachary, and Ian ALL three look like brothers!

We celebrated Father's Day at the Angels Game!
It was Ian's 1st Angels game!
He was 8 weeks old!

 Pop-Pop and Nana Bintliff

 Our best family photo to date.........

 It was a WHOLE new experience with two kids!

 Ian has started smiling and melting hearts!
(He looks like such a little stinker!)

 We are hoping those eyes stay blue!

 During the 2 month photo shoot, Zachary wanted to peel off the sticker!

Happy TWO months Ian!