Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's a ................

On Monday, Joey and I went to see our little baby on an ultrasound. We were very excited, but we were also extremely nervous.

Right away, the tech said, "Do you want to know what it is?" And we both knew, if she saw something that fast, it must be a boy, and we were right! As you can see below, I DEFINITELY have a little boy in my tummy!

She was the same tech who did our 20 week ultrasound with Hannah and we reminded her about what happened last time. She spent a lot of time showing us his head, neck, and spine. Check out his awesome, healthy spine and neck!!

He was moving a lot, but was being VERY shy! Although the tech tried and tried, she couldn't get a profile shot because he kept turning away from the ultrasound and showing us his back! He kept putting his hand on his head. Here he is with his hand on his head:

Joey and I are so excited to meet our little man and we were happy to see that he looks healthy. He already has about 5 Angels outfits to wear next season and he will be there next April for his first Angels Opening day!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tracy's Favorite Things

With the school year starting, I decided that my next favorite thing should be related to learning.

I think that EVERY kid needs to have "The Letter Factory" DVD (By Leapfrog) before they start school! No child should go to school without seeing this DVD about 100 times! It teaches letter names and sounds and does it in a cute way.

They have recently changed the DVD cover, but the actual movie is still the same. Below is the old and new covers so you can look for them!

I used this DVD in my Kindergarten classroom for the past 2 years and it made such a difference for students struggling students who had a difficult time learning their letter names and sounds. I kept wishing their parents had shown them this when they were 3 or 4!

I bought mine at Target for $9.99. I have recently seen it at Costco a few times for only $5.99! Leapfrog also makes DVDs that help with numbers and sounding out words.

I have already given this DVD to a friend's son as part of his birthday gift and I am planning on giving this to all of my friends' kids for their birthdays!!