Monday, July 26, 2010

Two Years of Wedded Bliss!

Today Joey and I celebrate two years of wedded bliss. We have been through SO much in the last two years, good and bad, that has brought us closer than I ever imagined. I am thankful every single day that I married such a wonderful man. He is a great husband and father and I know I am so lucky to have him in my life.

July 26th, 2008

It was an AMAZING day at the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda.

We were surrounded by family and friends and had a fabulous time!

I love him so much!

My girls all looked GORGEOUS!

We had so much fun!

CSUF Teacher Credential Program: Block 4

Cabo Joe made an appearance!

The Nixon Library was amazing!

What a dream!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Home Run Derby Date Night

On Monday, July 12th, Joey and I had a date night! Yay! We left Zachary with Nana and Papa Edmisten and headed to Angel Stadium to watch the MLB Home Run Derby! We had a great time!

It was pretty amazing to see how far some of the baseballs were hit! After attending hundreds of games at Angel Stadium, I saw baseballs travel to parts of the ballpark I never thought possible!

One of 36 MLB Mickey Mouse statues in Southern California

Date Night!

The stadium looked fabulous!

I love The Big A!

It's one of my favorite places on Earth!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Zachary's 4 Month Stats

Joey and I took Zachary to his 4 month Dr's appointment yesterday! (He is 18 weeks old today!)

He was SO good during his 2 shots! He didn't cry after the 1st one and he didn't cry too much after the 2nd one.

The doctor and nurse both told us, at separate times, how strong Zachary is! When Dr. Basu was listening to his heart, he grabbed the stethoscope like a rope and pulled his face towards hers! She said that has never happened to her! When the nurse was giving him his liquid vaccine, he grabbed her fingers and pulled the dispenser closer to his mouth! Yikes!

He now weighs 15 pounds and is 25 inches long! He is right on track and is in the 50th percentile!
We love our healthy boy!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Four Months Old!

Hey! I'm 4 months old!

As of Wednesday, Zachary is now 17 weeks old! Life is so good with him! We are taking him to the doctor next week for his 4 month appointment and the next round of shots. (Last time he was officially weighed was a few weeks ago and he was 13.8 lbs. I'm thinking he might be closer to 14 lbs. now!)

-He has been rolling (back to front and front to back) for about 3 weeks.

-He has a smile that will melt your heart and he loves to flash that toothless smile at EVERYONE! He is such a happy baby!

-He has found his screaming voice and loves to scream at 7:00am pretty much every morning!

-He sleeps wonderfully through the night! Yay! He goes to bed around 9:30pm and wakes up around 6:00 or 6:30am.

-He drools like CRAZY and is putting everything in his mouth!

-He had his first case of the sniffles last week, but it went away in a day or two.

-We have found his ticklish spots and when we tickle him he has the sweetest belly laugh!

-He still hates his car seat! (He arches his back when we try and put him in! He is so strong!)

Here are some highlights from Zachary's 4th month:

Zachary attended his cousin Elizabeth's Birthday Tea Party

He got some awesome shoes from Shalimar

He rolled over from back to tummy for the 1st time!

(We were at Nana and Pop-Pop Bintliff's House so they got to see it!)

Yep, he is STILL sporting his mullet!

He almost stayed awake to see the Lakers win the Championship!

He is rolling over like crazy and is very proud of himself!

He loves hanging out with his Uncle Bob!

His Cousin Samuel is his best buddy!

He just won't stop rolling!

He LOVES this toy!

He relaxed at the park and looked at the trees and sky!

He laughs at Daddy!

He acts silly with Mommy!

He watched the whole Orange Park Acres 4th of July Parade!

He went swimming for the first time!

The water was a little cold!

He did better in the luke warm jacuzzi!

Happy 4th of July!

He's totally an All American Boy!

He hung out with his Cousin Margaret!

4 Months Old!

We have so much fun together!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tracy's Favorite Things

My very first Favorite Things post was a philosophy product. I blogged about the AMAZING Microdelivery Peel. I truly love philosophy products and here is another one I can't live without!

Purity Made Simple

This product is a non-foaming facial cleanser. I use this every night before bed and have been using it for over 5 years. The reason I love it SO SO much is because it not only takes off make-up and dirt from your face, it also takes off EYE MAKE-UP! Because it isn't foamy you can use it on your eyes. (I love that I don't have to use a separate eye make-up remover and cotton pad. Which is what I used to do before this!)

The trick to using it is to NOT wet your face! Only wet your hands and then rub Purity onto your dry face. It literally melts the make-up right off and it isn't going to dry your face out! Rub it in and either rinse off with water, or use a wet washcloth and wipe it off.

I buy this only once a year. It's now one of my beauty traditions to purchase the 32 ounce size at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in July. That bottle lasts me all year!

You can purchase smaller bottles from philosophy or Sephora, but the big bottle is a MUCH better deal!

Here are a few places to buy the BIG bottles:

Nordstrom (Anniversary Sale ONLY!)



Please let me know if you try this and love it as much as I do!

(And .....if you are buying online, sign-up for and get a % cash back from your purchase!)