Monday, January 23, 2012

Zachary and Zoomars x2!

My mom bought a Groupon for Zoomars Petting Zoo awhile ago and we finally had time to use it during Christmas Break.  We drove down one morning: Joey, Zachary, my Mom, my brother Bob, and myself.  We got there right when they opened because we heard that's when the animals would be hungry!  (Thanks Sara!)

Of course, Zachary loved it and wasn't scared one bit of ANY of the animals!
 He started by feeding the hen....

 moved on to the cute little guinea pigs....

 then the bunnies.....

 and he even tried to feed the large bunny statue!  :)

 We then moved on to larger animals.....  this sheep LOVED Zachary!

 This goat wasn't amused.

 Zachary went right up to everything!

 Daddy helped him feed the Zeedonks!
(Cross between a Zebra and Donkey!)

 He didn't need any help feeding the llamas and alpacas!

 Once he saw the Corn Kernel box, we had a tough time getting him out!

 We returned to the bunny pen and snuggled one a bit before we left.

And of course a train ride was a MUST for my little train fan!

We had SO much fun on our first trip, that we returned last week for more fun!  (This time we took the Metrolink train down with Joey's parents)
 He loved the ride on the "big train!"

 This time we snuggled with a guinea pig!

 He was so gentle!

 We also opted for a pony ride and he smiled a lot!

 We made Nana (Joey's Mom) ride the little train with him!

 We also took a quick trip to Mission San Juan Capistrano!
(It was my first time there!)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Trains, Trains, Trains!

We're not sure where it came from, but Zachary is a BIG fan of trains as of around Christmas time.  (We don't watch TV shows with trains, or ever talk about trains, or see trains, so it must be some kind of gene that boys are born with.)

During the holidays, the Richard Nixon Library had a train exhibit that my parents wanted to take Zachary to see.  He loved it!  

(There were two rooms of trains, but we couldn't take pictures in one of them, so here's what I got!)
 He was fighting a cold, but didn't let that stop him!

 He sat on my Dad's lap for a long time!  (Usually he won't sit still very long!)

 He loved the huge room with the Lego train city!

 He got to check out where Mommy and Daddy got married!  
It was so fun to see him in this room, where we were, just 3 years ago!

 We took a break from the trains to tour the Presidential helicopter and have a snack!

I'm hoping the exhibit is there next year for us all to enjoy!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Tracy's Favorite Things-Beauty on a Budget

If you know me, you know I LOVE beauty products.  I have written many Favorite Things posts about some of my favorites, but most of them (actually all of them) are expensive.

I do use items that are drug store beauty finds though, and I thought I would start to share them with you.

My first Beauty on a Budget Favorite Thing is:


This is one of the few body washes that does not dry out your skin!  During the winter, when I like to take REALLY hot showers, my skin never feels dry afterwards!  

I usually buy it with a coupon, which makes it cost under $5 for over 16 ounces, but I found it on for an AMAZING price recently!

If you sign up for Subscribe and Save, you can get 3 bottles shipped for free to your house for a little over $10!!!  

I have only used the Shea Butter/Vanilla scent, but I know they do make others!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Eve/Christmas Morning 2011

We had a wonderful Christmas with Zachary this year!  He is just old enough to enjoy opening gifts and it was so fun to see him experience Christmas!

 I wanted to refer back to last year's Christmas post, and then I realized that I never finished it and it was never posted!!  (Bad Blogger!!)  Well, I still didn't finish it, but there is enough that I decided to post it anyways!

We spent Christmas Eve with Joey's family and Christmas morning with my family.
We also enjoyed two YUMMY meals on Christmas Day!  Christmas Lunch with the Bintliff's and Christmas Dinner with the Edmisten's!

 Christmas Eve: Family Shot
(Once again, Zachary looks thrilled!)

 I love that little face!

He got to open one gift on Christmas Eve.......a coloring book and crayons!

 Santa came and brought Zachary a balance bike!!

 He wasn't quite awake yet when he first saw it......

 But he immediately went to check it out!

 He definitely perked up a bit! 

 Daddy helped him get on.....

And he took a few laps, with help, around the house!
(I seriously LOVE this picture and can't stop staring at it!)

We then ventured to my parent's house.......
 Uncle Bob got Zachary some cool new shoes!
(He actually got 3 new pairs of shoes for Christmas!  He's growing!)

 He helped everyone open their gifts and tried to pass them all out to only Uncle Bob!
(I don't think he minded)

 He helped daddy put batteries into an AWESOME toy that Nana and Pop-Pop Bintliff bought........

It's the FAO Schwartz Piano from the movie "Big!"

 He also got a little Thomas the Train set from Nana and Pop-Pop.....

 which has been a HUGE hit!
He has played with it every day!

We didn't know he was so into trains!

Zachary also got a BIG BOY BED from Nana and Papa Edmisten!
(We plan on him moving into it in the Spring!)

Overall, it was a great holiday together with our families!
Joey, Zachary, and I were SO spoiled by all of the amazing gifts and family time!

It's amazing to think we will be a family of 4 next Christmas!!

Christmas (Part 2) - Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning 2010

****This post was never published last year because I never finished it!!  It still isn't finished, but I remembered I never posted it, so here it is!****

We spent Christmas Eve with Joey's Family and Christmas Morning with my Family.  Zachary looked super cute in his Christmas PJs.  Here are just a few, or more than a few, pictures of our First Christmas with Zachary!

 Christmas Eve Family Photo

(Zachary loves to point at things!)
My Mom and I
Zachary with his Nana's!

Zachary got a Cozy Coupe under the tree from Santa!

 He seemed excited to crawl and check it out..........

 But instead he found a shower gel that we would be giving to his Aunt Tammie later that day!

Really Zachary?!?

 He finally found his Cozy Coupe!

 He loved it!

He even practiced steering!

 Of course we had to take it for a spin outside!

Then we went to Nana and Pop-Pop Bintliff's house!
We were SO happy to have Pop-Pop there!
(He had fallen after Thanksgiving and broken his hip!  During the holidays he was in a rehabilitation facility, but his doctor gave him the OK to leave for a few hours so he could be home for Zachary's 1st Christmas!)

 He checked out all of the gifts under the tree!

Even the gift bag that my Brother Bob changed from "Joy" to "Joey!"
(I thought this was VERY clever and creative!)

 Family Photo Attempt #1

 Family Photo Attempt #2

 Nana and Pop-Pop

 Cool Uncle Bob

 He enjoyed the tissue paper and bows!

 I can't wait for him to wear this!
Thanks Nana and Pop-Pop!

 Uncle Bob picked out some cool shoes for Zachary!