Monday, September 10, 2012

Ian: Month Four (August 2012)

This post is light on pictures because we just didn't take many this month!  (Bad Mommy!)  But, we have had another great month with our sweet, sweet Ian!

He started rolling at 3 1/2 months and we just can't stop him!  He smiles and giggles quite often and even blows bubbles with his lips!  

He has the most gorgeous blue eyes and we REALLY hope they stay that way! 

He still wakes up once at night to eat.  Joey and I have both gone back to work, so sometimes we are VERY tired!

We just love him to pieces and our family just feels so complete now!

We can't stop him from rolling all over the place!

Those eyes!!!!

Zachary LOVES that Ian is rolling!

He enjoys some Bumbo time now and then!

My boys!  I love them dearly!

Only 4 months and already starting to eat the stickers!!

Daddy made him smile!

Happy four months little man!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Road Trip

At the end of July we decided to take a quick road trip up north to Arroyo Grande (just south of San Luis Obispo) to visit Joey's cousin Jason and his awesome family Lisa, Ryan, Amanda, Amber, and Ashtyn.  It was a chance to catch up with them since we don't see them often and also a chance for them to see the boys.

We had a great trip!  We enjoyed ice cream in downtown Arroyo Grande at Doc Bernstein's, Sea Otter sightings at Morro Bay, a yummy BBQ dinner at Mo's and GIANT cinnamon rolls in Pismo Beach, the swinging bridge, elephant seals, the trampoline, the Like Tikes roller coaster, Just Dance 3, and hanging out with the Hall Family.

 Amber LOVED Ian!

 Chillin' with Cousin Jason

 The Swinging Bridge

 These two had a ton of fun together!
(Ashtyn was in Lias's belly at our wedding!)

 Baby Whisperer!

 It was fun seeing all the kids together!

 Avila Farm

 Baby Whisperer #2

 No fear!

 Looking for sea lions

 Early morning coloring session!

 Sea Otter sightings!

 I love this kid!

 Keeping them entertained!  She's good!

 Those are elephant seals on the beach!
(It was super windy!)